100% Authentic

For more than 30 years, customers have trusted the quality and craftsmanship of a knife bearing my stamp. As some of you know, another company has produced knives using my name containing a letter “B” logo. These are not my knives.

You can be assured that every Todd Begg knife you own or currently find in a store that has one of my official logos on it, has been either made by me, made under my supervision, or has been based on one of my designs.

A Todd Begg knife will bear one of three stamps:

If your knife bears the “Todd Begg USA” stamp, it’s an authentic Todd Begg knife that was made by me, personally. The stamp will look this:


All knives bearing the “TB Design” stamp are Semi-custom knives that are based on my designs. They will bear a stamp that looks like this:


Finally, the Steelcraft series is an off-shore production knife. These knives are my designs, or are based on my designs, and are all marked with the “TB Steelcraft Series” stamp that looks like this:


I take the value of my customers’ investments in my knives very seriously. I rest my career and reputation on the quality of knives bearing my name. If you have any questions about your knife’s logo or authenticity, please contact me personally by clicking the button below and I will get back to you.

-Todd Begg