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ABOUT Todd Begg

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Todd’s interest in knives began at an early age. Todd’s love for knives resulted in his first successful attempt at creating one in 1983, when he was in junior high school.

When Todd was 20, he joined the military as an NBC Recon team member and found himself using tactical knives in the field on a daily basis, inspiring him to want to create knives that were functional, unique and aesthetically pleasing. He consumed everything he could about the construction, metals and materials and design of knives and credits Bob Loveless’s book, How To Make Knives, as the spark that lit the fire.

In 1998, Todd completed a Machine Shop Technology Program from San Juan College in Farmington, NM, and from there, noticed a dramatic improvement in his knife making skills, catapulting him into a new realm of knifemaking.

Today, Todd lives in Dallas Texas as full-time knifemaker. He also holds the position as a Board Director of the Knifemakers’ Guild along with other seats in various knife organizations. Todd creates an average of 150 knives per year, sometimes taking up to three weeks to finish an elaborate custom order. He credits a variety of knifemakers as sources of inspiration: “There are just so many makers out there doing great work…so many people who are doing things I admire.”

I was a knife maker who became a machinist to become a better knife maker.

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Todd strives for uniqueness and frequently turns to the future or the distant past for inspiration. It’s easy to spot the science fiction and Old World elements in Todd’s work. His use of titanium and carbon fiber for different design elements is a strong theme in his work, along with less common materials such as bamboo or alligator tooth.

Todd is well known for his folding knives, but he genuinely loves making any type of knife. He has developed a unique In-line handle design, reducing bulk and weight, resulting in a knife that is slimmer and significantly easier to carry. He works primarily with stock removal, though he enjoys forging and hopes to spend more time doing it in the future.

Todd’s work tries for perfection in form, function, fit and finish. His goal is to produce functional and beautiful knives that are innovative and unique and deliver unadulterated delight in his customers.

All knives have their own beauty
and their own challenge.

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