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See some of Todd’s recent, custom knife work. Each of these knives unique and was created for a specific customer. Each knife is an original custom piece crafted by Todd Begg himself.

It is my honor and pleasure to announce that I have been working on a special project with Jimmy Lile Knives. We wanted to make the next generation and evolution of the iconic Rambo knife that changed our entire industry. Lile’s “Rambo Knife” shaped and molded me as a knifemaker and fueled my adolescent brain with visions of bad ass knives on missions all over the world with elite warriors. Needless to say, I jumped at the opportunity to design and build a flipper version of the magnificent Rambo knife.

I present the “Baker Team”. This was the name of the special forces team that the character John Rambo served with in Vietnam. There will be nine in the first run - one for each team member, including Colonel Trautman.

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